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If your looking for a thrilling hood romance I got you! Grab a glass of wine, cup coffee or a smoothie and cuddle up on the couch. let this romance series keep you company.


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What My Eyes Can't See


Ex-athlete turned D-boy, Shayvon learns that even a coldhearted player like himself can have his heart warmed and his world turned upside down by a beautiful woman. At first sight, Shayvon’s heart is whisked away by Sacaria.

All is perfect until Shayvon’s boys Q’Mari and Todd warn him that Sacaria and her friends Taniyah and Eric might be low key hoes. When Shayvon does not take heed to the warning it puts a strain on their blood. Meanwhile, someone sinister has returned from Shayvon’s past and into his pants.

After Sacaria gets her feelings crushed by some unexpected and disturbing news about Shayon, she resorts to a drug-induced, sex addict, double life which lands her into possible fatal circumstances. Sacaria gets abducted and people are dropping like flies.

Are Shayvon’s mother’s prayers enough to bring Sacaria home safely or will Shayvon and his goons have no choice but to tear up the city? Is it possible that Q’Mari and Todd know more about the situation than they are admitting too? Will Shayvon’s sinister ex be revealed? Will Sacaria’s mask be unveiled? If so will Shayvon and Sacaria have a future together?

What My Eyes Can't See 2

You reap what you sow, and unfortunately, Sacaria and Shayvon are both finding that out the hard way, but if Shayvon does not relinquish his control issues, he will never get Sacaria home safe and sound. While Shayvon becomes obsessed with finding Sacaria, Erica’s true face is being revealed. With Erica’s true intentions toward Shayvon becoming more evident, Erica starts to tie up loose ends, and that means that someone has to go. Thus, leaving Shayvon with some new, important and disturbing information, he’s forced now more than ever to make moves.

Q’Mari and Taleena stay down for Shayvon in the midst of everything, but Todd, not so much. Who knows what Todd has been up to behind the scenes? Todd seems all too ready to get rid of Erica, rather than bringing Sacaria home. Hopefully, their bond will survive the storm. Finally, as Shay gets closer to a conclusion, he realizes that his relationship with Sacaria has run its course and he might not ever see her again.
Does Todd know more that he’s letting on? Will Erica finally get what she wants? Will Sacaria make it home safely? Nothing is resolved and everything hangs in the balance.


What My Eyes Can't See 3

Sacaria survives yet another attempt on her life, only to find out the hard way that home may not be where the heart lives anymore. She flees to a more welcoming atmosphere, leaving Shay to battle his demons and an unknown enemy alone. Shay quickly learns that moving on is easier said than done. The heart simply wants what it wants. To add to his personal problems, he is on the hunt for the crazy Erica, while trying to see what's really good with his so called friend, Todd. Nothing is as it seems, and Shay is no longer sure who he can trust. Q'Mari and Taleena continue their affair, but then tragedy strikes. In the aftermath, surprising feelings are revealed, and everything changes... again. The ties that bind are stretched to the breaking point in the third installment of this tale of friendship, loyalty and deceit. Will Sacaria finally get some peace? Will Shay live long enough to truly forgive and forget? When the smoke clears, who will be left standing?

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